AIBS Symposium & Reception Success

Thank you to all who organized, participated, and attended the AIBS-sponsored events last week at the Annual Conference on South Asia in Madison, WI!  Over 35 people attended the day-long Symposium on "Cross Border Entanglements in Eastern South Asia."  An AIBS Reception followed where Rachel McDermott, Keynote Speaker at the Conference, shared how she became involved in Bangladesh Studies. For more pictures of the weekend events, please check out the AIBS Facebook site. The below photos are snapshots from the Symposium, Reception and Annual Board of Trustees meeting.

Inaugural Bengal Studies Roundtable

Thank you to those that made the Inaugural Bengal Studies Roundtable a success!  This AIBS co-sponsored event took place on September 14, 2018 at Boston University, bringing together more than 24 scholars from institutions in the New England Area to discuss the future of Bengal Studies.

Fellowship Applications are Open!

Fellowship Applications are now open! Make sure to get your applications submitted by the deadline - November 30th!

Copy and paste the following link for access to the on-line application:



Thursday, October 11th - Save the Date!

Save the date! You won't want to miss the AIBS Symposium and Reception at the Annual Conference on South Asia.

Please RSVP to aibs@southasia.wisc.edu if you plan on attending!

AIBS Symposium & Reception 2018

Please join us at the AIBS Symposium on "Cross Border Entanglements in Eastern South Asia" at the Annual Conference on South Asia!  The symposium will be addressing a key topic in today's current events - the Rohingya Crisis.  The event will begin at 8:30am on Thursday, Oct. 11th.  

Following the symposium, please join us for an AIBS reception at 3:30pm at Maharani Indian Restaurant!  Rachel McDermott, who is also giving the Annual Conference on South Asia's Keynote, will be speaking about her AIBS fellowship. 

President's Welcome

It gives me immense pleasure to serve as the President of the American Institute of Bangladesh Studies (AIBS). I firmly believe that communication provides connectivity and connectivity results in productivity. I welcome you to our web site, which provides detailed information about our current offerings and insights on future plans and initiatives.  

AIBS is an association of institutions of higher learning in the United States aimed at promoting scholarly understanding between Bangladesh and the United States.  Incorporated in 1988, AIBS provides senior and junior fellowships as well as pre-dissertation grants for U.S. scholars and students to visit Bangladesh and observe first-hand the problems facing a developing country. Other programs include research and development seminars and workshops through our Dhaka Center to address the educational and development issues in Bangladesh. A final program permits Bangladeshi scholars to visit the United States for joint research projects with U.S. scholars.  Since its inception, affiliated scholars have investigated a wide range of research topics in fields including but not limited to demography, politics, sustainable development, bureaucracy, anthropology, archeology, history, refugee issues, gender and minority studies, religion, rural and urban migration as well as banking and good governance. 

Thanks for your interest in the American Institute of Bangladesh Studies. Please feel free to contact us for further information and assistance.

Golam M. Mathbor, Ph.D.
President, AIBS